We operate on the belief that there is always a better, easier, and faster way to access cash.

We give our clients the opportunity to borrow money without the need for a bank's approval.  Old World Capital is simplifying the process.

  • Schedule an appointment today to talk to an Old World Capital expert. Call (973) 731-2151 or email WalterBauman@OldWorldCapital.com
  • We'll give you three different loan options to pick from based on the asset itself and how much you are seeking to borrow.
  • We do not review your financials and do not provide any of your information to credit bureaus.
  • Your items will be safe and secure in our fully-insured and secured vaults.
  • We do not put your items on display for the rest of the neighborhood to see.
  • We guarantee that based on the loan type you select, you can receive capital in less than 24 hours.

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY   (973) 731-2151 or walterbauman@oldworldcapital.com

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